• Assignments

    Last updated: Nov. 20, 2017.

    This is not a final list of assignments; your professors reserve the right to change it before class begins!

    10%     Professionalism: Attendance in class and on the trip, participation in class and on the trip, 5 “Treasure Hunts” in Venice
    21%     1 Carnevale Mask & 6 Watercolor Paintings
    20%     4 Quizzes (5% each)
    10%     Book Report & Presentation
    9%       Blogging (in class and on trip)
    25%     Semiotic Journal/Art Portfolio (completion-checked periodically on the road)
    5%       Final Presentation: “What Venice Symbolizes for Me”

    Quizzes: The quizzes will cover lecture, readings, audiovisual presentations, and Italian language.

    Book Report: You must choose one novel primarily based in Venice for your book report; a list will be provided from which you may select your book. Your report will critically review the book, swiftly summarizing characters and plot and then analyzing the story’s major themes while paying special attention to the city’s symbolic role within the work. Remember to provide your opinion at the end: was the writing effective? the plot strong? the characters believable? the story memorable? Did you learn much about Venice or Venetians from it? You will be asked to very briefly present your book in class.

    Blogging:  (Pre-Travel) You will be assigned a week in which you must post to the Imagining Venice blog a 900-word or more essay regarding the symbol, or an assigned artist, relevant for that week. Blog topics must be approved by the professor. (Travel) You will be assigned a day in which you must post to the Imagining Venice blog about any trip-relevant, class-appropriate topic, with photographs of your art or from the trip encouraged.

    Semiotic Journal/Portfolio:
                You must complete 12 response essays in your journal and create 12 new works of visual art, to include at least 2 new watercolor paintings; 1 sketch; 1 poem; and 1 work of fiction (short story or complete scene for a script), and 1 to 3 art photographs or short videos. (You may take more photos, of course; but only 3 may count toward the journal.)

    You must complete all of the assigned “treasure hunts” in Venice. You may travel in teams to complete the hunts, but you should not skip the hunt and simply copy somebody else’s answers.

    You will be asked to blog about your experiences on ImaginingVenice.com, and post photos from the day, on a regular basis; we will work out your blogging schedule before the trip.

    Final Presentation: You must give a final presentation in Florence. You will give an approximately 10-minute presentation presenting a response to the question what has Venice come to symbolize for you, personally? The presentation should demonstrate your understanding of semiotics as it applies to Venice as a signifier. Your response should be supported by the creative and documentary work you completed during the trip and should include relevant examples of your artwork, photographs, and/or video. You should read your poem aloud, describe your short story, and discuss any journal entries that were relevant to your decision regarding Venice’s symbolic importance.