• Supplies

    Students will be supplied with a portable painting kit with which they will become familiar during three sessions of the semester devoted to watercolor painting. The kit includes a sketchbook, a travel watercolor kit and travel brushes. Students will practice the finesse of watercolor in the lap in preparation for sitting on the steps of St. Mark’s and painting the campanile “en plein aire.”

    Students are asked to supply a comfortable backpack for all supplies, water bottle (for drinking and painting), camera equipment and whatever other materials they want to lug around. We will be getting up for the morning light and searching for the evening light with art supplies on our backs. Students should keep in mind that this trip will entail a lot of walking on uneven paving and so should be prepared with comfortable shoes. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are also handy things to have in that backpack.

    An example of the sketchbook appears here with the painting “After Turner” running across the binding. The sketchbook will be your journal of the trip and should be filled with all sorts of work by the time we board the plane for home.

    Travel Watercolor Set