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    Eurail (train)
    Trenitalia (train)


    Everything About Watercolor and More
    The Grand Tour, Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Venetian Works, The Getty
    Venetian Works, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    The Venetian School of Art


    Save Venice
    Venice in Peril
    The Venice Project (Yale)
    Fictional Cities: Venice
    Churches of Venice
    Commedia dell’arte
    Institution for the Conservation of the Gondola & Training of Gondoliers
    NOVA: The Sinking City of Venice
    SALVE: Activities for the Safeguarding of Venice and Its Lagoon
    The Mose Project: UNESCO: Is the MOSE Project Already Obsolete?

    Venice Now

    The City of Venice (official: in English)
    The City of Venice (official: in Italian)
    The Venetian Biennale
    ACTV (public transportation)
    Il Gazzetino (the Veneto-area newspaper: in Italian)

    The Other Venices

    Fake Venices Around the World
    Venice Beach, California
    The Venetian, Las Vegas
    The Venetian, Macau
    Venice, New York
    Venice, Florida
    Venice, Illinois
    Venice, Louisiana
    Maida Vale, London (“Little Venice”)
    Bamberg, Germany (“Little Venice”)
    Venezuela (“Little Venice”)
    Ca d’Zan (Circus family John and Mabel Ringling’s Venetian-inspired mansion)