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    Venice: Beautiful in Any Light

    by  • May 21, 2013 • Art, Critique, Cultural Info, Decadent, Dying, Famous People, History, Info, Libertine & Lewd, Mercantile & Rich, Student Travel Journal, Travel • 0 Comments

    First Impressions My senses are completely overwhelmed. Venice is so beautiful that I cannot stop gushing about it to my peers. The light here is not like any I have seen before. It is dazzling and makes the bright colors of the buildings, the architecture, and the statuary even more inspiring. The decay, evident...

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    What About Berlusconi?

    by  • January 24, 2011 • Current Events, Libertine & Lewd • 0 Comments

    In our Imagining Venice class, we don’t plan to spend too much time discussing contemporary Italian politics, and our focus on social concerns will revolve more around the ways in which pollution and tourism are affecting Venice in particular. But with all of the fuss about Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that’s been showing...

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