• The Jewish Ghetto of Venice

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    Today I had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Ghetto in Venezia. This was a special moment for me because the book I read, The Girl from Venice, was about a Jewish girl who escapes from the German’s during World War II. I was really fascinated with the three synagogues we were showed. I had no idea the Jews were separated based on where they were from. For example, there was Italian and German Jews. It was interesting how some of the Jews had more rights than others. For example, the Turkish had real marble in their synagogue whereas other synagogues were not allowed to have real marble. Also, the Jewish doctors had more freedom than the other Jews. They were able to leave the ghetto at any hour of the day and did not have to wear the red scurf at night because they did not want them to be targeted.


    This experience clearly showed the myth of Venice the Militant. There was an unfortunate war and Mussolini rounded up the Jews and deported them to the Germans.  It is very sad but also a humbling experience for me. It makes you grateful for your life and it is important to understand what other people go through. The most interesting part of the tour for me was when the lady showed us the plaques on the ground in front of people’s doors. This symbolized that they were deported and killed during the Holocaust. The tour guide explained that there were two sisters who were deported but were not killed; they had a special plaque that read “free” at the bottom. Overall, I learned a lot from our tour of the ghetto and it is an experience I will never forget.


    I did not take pictures of the ghetto out of respect. However, attached are some of my favorite pictures I have taken. I really enjoy the Venetian culture. I love how much we walk and I love how fresh the food is here. I am sad to be leaving but the rest of the world is waiting for me and I can’t wait to explore it.

    La Fenice! This was my favorite place.

    The view from our palazzo!

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