• Italian Churches and Sunsets

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    This morning the students got an early start on our scavenger hunts that have been taking us through various places in the city. We then regrouped at the palazzo to head to the Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church, and completed another scavenger hunt. We took a brief detour to look at the statue of Bartolomelo Colleen, whom we looked at during the semester, and his disproportionate body to the size fo the horse. We then took a short walk back to the Miracoli Church. Once we got into the church, we began our scavenger hunt, which included finding pieces of artwork within the church that were on the walls, pillars, staircases, and other places around the inside of this beautiful place.

    Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church (outside view)

    After we finished the scavenger hunt, we headed off to Cantina de Mori, which has been around since 1462. This is a small restaurant type places that has no tables, and sells chicchetti. A lot of us enjoyed trying the baccalat, a cod and bread treat.

    Our next adventure took us on a vaporetto, which I have previously blogged about, and stopped in the Giudecca neighborhood, where we had a few hours to wander around and grab a bite to eat after visiting the beautiful Redentore church.

    Finally, after eating a great dinner by the water, we met in front of a church to paint the sunset. We were able to watch the colors of the sky and water change as the sun was beginning to set. We saw shadows casted on buildings and tried very hard to depict them through our paintings. We then found our way back to our palazzo on our own, and rested for another fun filled day tomorrow!

    Sunset view from vaporetto stop


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