• First day in Venice!

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    Today was our first day out in the beautiful city of Venice.The first stops for our trip were in Piazza San Marco to see the Basilica di San Marco and then walk through the Doge’s Palace. As we were walking from our palazzo to our destination there were many little details about the city and culture that can be easily missed. There were beautiful flowers on the windows of palazzos and singing gondoliers. When we made it to Piazza San Marco we were lucky to beat the tourist crowds and enjoy the beauty around us. The inside of the Basilica was beautiful; the ceilings had detailed art of saints and the floors had mosaic tiles. We were fortunate enough to see the Pala d’Oro. The Pala d’Oro is a beautiful piece of art made out of gold and decorated with many jewels. The Doge’s Palace was the next on the list of adventures. There are so many things to see here, but my favorite thing to see was the amazing art on the ceiling. Many rooms in the place had different scenes on the ceilings and each had a detailed, gold frame around it. We had looked at pictures of some of the art in class, but it was a whole different experience seeing it in person. The colors were so bold and the gold frames gave a simmering outline of the paintings.
    Our last event for the day was a gondola ride. As we were walking to the gondolas we heard a loud roar of thunder. There was a light rain as we got on to our gondola, but after we departed from the dock it started to pour. We quickly took refuge under the closest bridge with three other gondolas. Luckily, one of the other gondolas had an accordion player. We sat under the bridge singing songs and getting to know our gondoliers. The rain let up a little bit so we continued our ride and ended up soaked. All of us were wet but we had a great time singing with our gondoliers.
    I attached the photos I took of the flowers on the palazzos, enjoy!

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