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    The Whale in Venice

    Robert Jahns has a few imagined Venice photocompositions in his gallery; take a look! We’ll be talking a bit about sharks in Venice, but this is the first whale I’ve seen in Venice!

    Also check out his Dream Venice and Milky Venice images. I’m not sure which myth I’d associate with these images. The whale suggests “Free” to me — new life to combat the “Fragile/Dying” myths we’ll be discussing when we get to issues like pollution in the lagoon — but the other two probably fall more in the “Libertine/Romantic” myth…..

    In this class we focus a lot on watercolor techniques, but when we get to Venice we’ll also be asking you to take art photographs, and if you want, video. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t also imagine Venice with the help of your favorite photo editing program, too. Although we strongly encourage packing light, bringing a laptop or tablet along with you on the trip will help you work with the images you create on the trip and will also help you prepare your final presentation in Florence.

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