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    Something we were all looking forward to about coming to Italy….THE FOOD!!

    I was especially excited about coming to Italy for the authentic Italian food because I am Italian. Growing up, I’ve learned many recipes from my Nonna so I was excited to see where they came from. Also, growing up in a very large, loud, and obnoxious Italian family we have many traditions that revolve around food. Every Christmas we all get together and make homemade pizza and sausages. My diet at home pretty much only consists of pizza and pasta because I do not eat any green food (healthy, I know!) Our first night here we went to a restaurant and all order different kinds of pasta so we could all try each others. One word, delicious. All the sauces were very creamy and seasoned to perfection. The next day, it was pizza time. It was a little weird because Italians apparently order a whole pizza for only themselves, sharing does not exist. They also do not precut their pizza and eat it with a knife and fork. Once we conquered this concept, we devoured the pizza. Again, all of us ordered different ones so we could all try each others. I didn’t think would be able to finish the whole thing and it was completely gone in probably 5 minutes. We ended being stared at because we ate it so fast and soon realized that it is custom in this country to eat very slow and pause between bites, a concept not very Americans are used to. In the days that followed, more of us were willing to go out of the comfort zone and try some real authentic Venetian dishes. Some were even brave enough to try spaghetti with black ink and pizza with squid and clams as toppings!

    Being that I am Italian and eat this food in my normal daily diet I thought I would be completely find for 2 weeks without American food. I was definitely wrong. On day 4 Carly, Chelsea, and I found ourselves craving our home town favorites which included Mexican food, sushi, and our favorite Jack in the Box. We were walking down one of the many streets that Venice has to offer and came across a Hard Rock Cafe. We all glanced at each other debating on whether if we were that desperate for an American meal. The answer was yes. Our justification was, “How many people can say they have been to the Hard Rock in Venice?!” We sat down and each ordered a burger and fries to satisfy our cravings and make it through the rest of the time in Venice.

    All in all the food is absolutely to die for and I am so lucky to have experienced it in a place with so much history behind it. Lets face it, Amy restaurant in Italy beats out Dominos and Olive Garden. I can only speak for myself, but I have a feeling we are all going to have a hard time returning to americanized Italian food.


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