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    ..coming to Venice soon!

    “The Vap App” has become a running joke for us during our stay in Venice. Short for Vaporetto, a waterbus used by the public transit system in Venice and its surrounding islands, has been the main means of transportation for us as it has been for Venetians and travelers for many years now. With the lack of underground and overground space for trains or vehicles, Venetian travel has been controlled and made simpler by the existence of the Vaporettos. Timetables have been made for each line for over dozens of stops and boats making our lives simpler through a highly complicated system.

    When we first arrived in Venice we each received a seven day pass for any vaporetto giving us the opportunity to attempt to see everything that Venice has. Because of the large amount of time we have spent on these boats we have taken to calling them vaps for short. The “Vap App” came into existence in our group courtesy of Sam who also coined the Vap App’s trade mark phrase, “Tap that Vap App,” referencing the requirement of tapping a Vaporetto access card to a scanner that beeps when your card has been registered before boarding the waterbus. Along with a few other rhymes and raps it has made the longer journeys to and from our palazzo very enjoyable and memorable.

    Even today we had many laughs on the vaps as we left Venice to visit the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torchello, three islands located just north of Venice. Famous for their glass blowing, lace, and ancient religious grounds these islands are a must see when visiting this area. Because of the way the lagoon is arranged there is no way to simply walk to these islands so we set off toward the northern end of the city and boarded onto a vaporetto to the island of Murano only five minutes away. There we saw the islanders create amazing art with the traditional Murano techniques of glass blowing. After a few hours of window shopping, museum tours, and first hand demonstrations we left Murano and boarded a separate vaporetto to Burano, the island of lace. There we photographed the brightly colored buildings and ventured around purchasing small trinkets and gifts for our friends and family back home. After leaving Burano and heading over to Torchello we stopped to visit the first established colony and cathedral recorded in Venice. Being built over 1200 years ago, it was amazing to lay our hands on stone first chipped away by an artisan many lifetimes ago. It was an amazing experience and plenty of fun, none of which would have been possible without the Vaporettos.

    So remember, when in Venice, do not lose your vap card, otherwise you won’t be able to zap your vap card and ride the vap up and down the map.

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