• “The Basilica di San Marco” & “The Palazzo Ducale” (Day 3)

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    This morning our first adventure was going to see the “Basilica di San Marco.” When we first arrived the building was amazing, filled with many paintings and colorful design covering the building. I noticed they also were doing construction near the top-left of the building, and was told that this was a normal sight to see due to all the necessary rebuilding, fixing, and touching up of ancient architecture. When we finally walked inside I was mind blown. There was gold everywhere, jewels and colorful artwork covering every square inch of the place. I followed the footsteps of many individuals who packed the walkways inside, all wanting to see this amazing site. As I walked around I attempted to sneak some pictures on my camera because the sights I saw and the art and design used to create this beautiful place I wanted to remember forever.

    The next place we went to was “The Palazzo Ducale.” The Doge’s Palace is located to the right of the Basilica and it too was covered with lots of design. The difference was that the whole building was white and it had individual pillars aligning the outside each with their own artwork around the tops. It was immensely decorated, but still had little color on the outside. Walking inside, my eyes were immediately drawn to the main square. The four walls of the palace were enclosed to form a quad area. It as said that once you became the one and only Doge you were entrapped in your own palace and couldn’t leave, much like a prison of your own. This quad contains many statutes, all white, and finely sculpted. When viewing this artwork, I found myself to be extremely interested in more of the history on the different Doge’s and their lives within the palace. I felt like I was entrapped in a life they once lived experiencing the feeling of being enclosed.

    Lastly, we walked up around the sides of the “Palazzo Ducale” venturing our way into the prison built below the palace for the servants and individuals captured throughout the city. I was extremely creeped out exploring each walkway and cell, because I felt like at one minute or another a guard would pop out behind a wall. It was weird to experience where these prisoners were kept and held for vast amounts of time in their lives. The cells were bigger than I thought, yet still small and all extremely dark with large cage-like metal doors.

    Overall, the day flew by super fast, but the sights I saw were gorgeous and memorable. I enjoyed every piece of artwork and felt that these places were extremely educational and a must see on a trip to Venice. It opened my eyes to a new perspective of Venice and allowed me to personally view the royalty and riches Venice once had, and hopes to still portray. My favorite sight was the “Basilica di San Marco,” especially the inside due to all of the design, artwork, and GOLD!


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