• The Grand Tour

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    Dru has been telling me that I’ll get a conference paper or two out of the development and execution of what is really a course and trip of my dreams. Okay, I find that “do what you love and work is not work” comes to mind here. So I went to research the possibilities for a paper and found “The Renaissance of the Pilgrimage”, a call for “submissions on a journey of love to ground zero of our desires.” Well, isn’t that exactly what we are doing with Imagining Venice? For my part, since I became a faculty member at CLU teaching watercolor, I have been talking/dreaming about walking in the footsteps of my watercolor heroes: Turner, and Sargent. Dragging along a dozen students to Venice seemed like the closest I could get to spreading the enervating joy I feel in the presence of my art gods. Standing where they stood, painting where they painted, seeing the light of a magical city transformed onto the pages of my sketchbook; this is heady stuff. So go see the link under ART resources for a little info on the grand tour. We may be only going for two weeks, but you’ll certainly experience the grandness of traveling with paints. We are very lucky to be living in this time where travel around the world has been made available to more people than just the rich. The “Grand Tour” is within your reach!

    Call for papers from http://www.secollegeart.org/forms/2010_Call_For_Papers_SECAC_MACAA.pdf, “The Renaissance of the Pilgrimage”, Martina A. Pfleger Hesser

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